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шаг с Богом!

ШУ начинается Октябрь 24го 2018

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шаг с Богом!

ШУ начинается 24го Октября 2018

Итак идите, научите все народы... Евангелия от Матфея 28:19а

who we are

We are a community of ministries build and united to serve by our love for Jesus. We all have a story or two to share about our lives and ministry in Ukraine and every ever else.  

our ministries

Take a look at what we do here in Ternopil, Ukraine. Our ministries cover three main areas: Evangelism, Training and Mercy ministry. Kee your heart open, may be God is calling you!? 


find us

We are located in the Western part of a beautiful contry of Ukraine. City of Ternopil is a regional center with long and rich history going back to middle ages.

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