School requirements: 

Christians, age starting from 18.

Cost – 2500$

Cost of the course – it is much more than just money. Your trust in the Lord can cost you friends, work, or something that is very important for you! Discipleship – is obedience, faith, and sacrifice! That’s all that is necessary to meet the financial needs.

  • The cost of lecture phase includes accommodation and meals
  • The cost of outreach will depend on location, were is will take place

Language: English, Russian

How to apply to DTS?

  • Print out the application
  • fill in first four pages;
  • fill in application about medical condition(has to be proved by a doctor);
  • send entire application by the address provided below.
  • Print out 3 recommendation forms (each one – 4 pages long) :
  • one recommendation is to be filled out by your friend, second – by your pastor, third one – by mentor/leader or employer
  • they should personally fill out recommendation forms and send them by provided below address
  • read and sign agreement about burial in case of sudden death.

What are you waiting for?

Our school starts February 5th, 2020! If you feel God is calling you to missions, DTS can be an incredible and life changing experience.

Contact our staff if you have any questions: