Discipleship Training School (DTS) is designed and made by the example of the preparation of Jesus’ disciples. DTS has three months of lecture phase and two months of outreach.

Discipleship Training School exists to encourage students to develop personal character, deepen relationships with God and identifying their unique gifts and callings in God. Particular attention is paid to the knowledge of cultural differences and developments in the world to reach present and future generations.

Our desire – to equip and train young people so that they, in turn, could affect all spheres of society.

DTS has set a goal to produce students:

  • With the growing understanding of broadness and depth of God’s character and His ways.
  • Who are relating to God and people in a likened to Christ in their relationships with.
  • With the affirmed life-style of worship, petition, and spiritual warfare.
  • With a greater ability to work in a team with people of different character, nationality or social status.
  • Who can carry the Gospel to the lost and devote to this their entire life.
  • With a dedication to continue working on God’s field among the nations, including those who have not heard the Gospel, the poor and needy, as well as in various spheres of society.

Each week during the lecture period, students cover new topics and meet new teachers. Each topic – is not just a theory but a practical application of God’s Word.

  • Missions and evangelism
  • Hearing God’s voice
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Father’s heart of God, 
  • Relationships in the Body 
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Finances
  • Gifts, calling, destiny
  • Life of the Body of Christ, 
  • How to study Bible
  • Life in worship and prayer
  • Giving up your rights

Topics and teachers may vary to adegree from school to school.

Missionary trip – is preaching of the Gospel,  mercy ministry and  discipleship.

Countries of missionary journeys:

  • Montenegro
  • Balcans
  • Ukraine
  • Roma people settlements